Hot Shower

My sole accomplishment today was taking a hot shower.  That might be acceptable if I had been sick in bed or trekking through the wilderness for days, but such is not the case.  I am thinking that maybe my sights are set a bit low.  I will admit to the winter blahs due to gray skies or stock market volatility or other things I cannot control; perhaps I should try to perk up a bit.

Perking up has its perks.  (Pun intended.)  You smell better because you shower and you are happier.  Being happy is a universal goal or so one would think.  Mark Twain wrote, “Are you so unobservant as not to have found out that sanity and happiness are an impossible combination?”  Apparently, Mr. Twain didn’t think it was possible to be clear-headed and be glad at the same time.

After listening to the nightly news  and reading email, you might concur with Mr. Twain.  The reality of the world we live in and a state of personal happiness often seem at loggerheads.  You have to work at being happy, that much I have learned.  You will not be happy all the time, so you have to accept there will be times when you succumb to other emotions.  Grief is one of the most significant emotions that can devastate your world.  Love is another.  You are not always happy when you are in love.  Get used to it.

Mark Twain also wrote “Our race has only one effective weapon – laughter.”  You can’t laugh all the time either.  You will get the hiccups if you do.  But you can find one little thing every day to focus on that makes you giggle, that make you smile, that makes you feel better.  Even if it is only a hot shower.