Most people know me as Mona, sans the Lisa, though I have never minded hearing that song directed at me.  However, if you sound more like Tiny Tim than Nat King Cole, please direct your voice somewhere else.

I intended to start writing a long time ago, but apparently I had to wait until the Internet was born to actually begin the task.  In the interim, I have read — a lot.  Newspapers, books, magazines, tombstones, cereal boxes, you name it and I read it.  Therefore, in spite of an inability to remember people’s names that I see on a regular basis, I have a brain stuffed with trivia.

My love of reading came from learning it was usually a valid way of avoiding chores as a child.  My mother would see me reading and decide that I was doing a good thing so she would dust the furniture, a task often assigned to me.  However, it didn’t take her long to learn that while I did love reading and did it a lot, I was also avoiding dusting, making my bed, and setting the table.  After that, I still read voraciously as a child, but I also did my chores.

My technical skill at writing started with my high school English teacher in my junior year, Mrs. Della Craighead.  She confirmed my love of literature and taught me how to write about it.  I followed up on her lessons by majoring in Education with a focus on English at Oklahoma State University, so that I could share my loves of reading and writing with others by teaching language arts (as it was then called) to junior high, high school and junior college students.

Now, I blog.  Haven’t started the Great American Novel yet, but I intend to…right after I read the Sunday paper.

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