Testing for Sarah

My sweet traveler, Sarah, has started a blog of her adventures.  She asked me for some assistance in the mechanics of her written efforts and I will happily comply.  To do so, I am starting a blog of my own so that I may assist her from a position of knowledge.  Let’s hope I have chosen the right path.

My blog is written/maintained through Blogger – a Google product – as I think hers is.  I must make sure of this before I go too far.

And that last sentence illustrates the major difference between Sarah and I.  Though she is far from reckless, she doesn’t hesitate to go out and do what she wants.  I, however, want to be sure I am on the right path.  Duh.  One can never be absolutely sure of that.  I know that, don’t I?

Go forth, girl.  Both of us.

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